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Sky Tunnel is a tubular skylight which allows for the transfer of daylight from above the roof to pass into the interior of the building or office. The device requires no electricity to function and it will keep providing light as long as the sun is out. Skylights are the first step that many business and residences take in reducing their electricity costs and their carbon footprint.

Sky Tunnel is fully certified by the Australian Standard AS2485, British Board of Agrément and the Australian Standards board, the making of Sky Tunnel combines quality in management, manufacturing, materials, customer service and design with a commitment to ecological sustainability. Also a member of Skylight Industry Association.


Features of the Sky Tunnel Tubular Skylight:

  • Convey’s light into the building with greater efficiency, security, and ease than a conventional skylight design
  • Great alternative to artificial lighting and suitable for most home and office environments
  • Quick Installation and easy to fit into existing ceilings and roofs
  • Tested and approved to the requirements of the Australian Standard AS4285 and the British Board of Agrément
  • Includes a 7 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Clark, Pampanga, May 2014 — SG Eco Industries, a leading manufacturer of tubular skylights and ventilators, recently announced the launch of their newly redesigned website which can be viewed by visiting www.eco.ph.

The redesigned website features a contemporary layout with similar content and menu structure to retain the website’s user-friendliness. The website gives a more prominent focus on SG Eco’s 3 main areas of expertise – The Sky Tunnel Tubular Daylighting System, The Green-vent Ventilation System and their Custom Manufacturing services.

SG Eco is known for producing eco-friendly/green energy products including skylights and ventilators, and has provided countless solutions to companies in various industries. SG Eco consists of experts in the green energy industry thanks to their more than 2 decades of experience in providing customized energy saving solutions for their clients.

The objective of the website redesign was to showcase specifically the SG Eco’s areas of expertise. In addition, the website aims to provide visitors with real examples of how their products have provided solutions for various commercial applications; from warehouses & factories to office spaces.

“SG Eco manufactures daylighting systems such as tubular skylights, as well as ventilation systems and exports these to various clients all around the world. The redesign of our website is our way of reassuring our clients of our dedication to providing a complete data background, based on the requirements and solutions that each and every one of our client needs” says George Davies, President.

About SG Eco Industries Inc.

SG Eco Industries is a pioneering manufacturer and distributor of daylighting systems including tubular skylights, as well as ventilators. SG Eco also offers OEM manufacturing for companies in the green energy industry. With more than 2 decades of experience, we are specialists in providing customized solutions for client’s OEM outsourcing needs.

For more information about SG Eco Industries, please visit www.eco.ph

Climate change is a global issue. We may not stop it from happening over the next 10 to 20 years but we can find ways to mitigate its potentially huge impact on humanity. The increase in the earth’s surface temperature is largely due to greenhouse gases.  Carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide are just a few of the gases that are known to remain in the earth’s atmosphere many years after their release often as a result of power generation.

Because of this pressing issue, many people around the world are looking to adopt green technologies in order to reduce energy consumption. Beside greenhouse gas reduction, environment-friendly products benefit consumers in other ways. /p>


Since most eco-friendly products use natural energy sources and cutting edge technology, they are often quieter, create less localized airborne pollutants and use less natural resources over their extended lifespan. So you can provide a better working and living environment without causing long term harm to the global environment.

SG Eco’s wind driven ventilators are a total solution for commercial and residential roofing spaces, whilst the company’s range of sky tunnels provides a more energy efficient lighting option.


The unique challenges presented to manufacturers within this field require continuous improvement and product innovation to stay ahead of the competition. And as greater success drives greater innovation, it’s a virtuous circle.

SG Eco Industries Inc. is proud of its track record for innovation and support of the “Green Revolution” for safer public health through their environment-friendly products.


Eco-friendly products do not only reduce or even eliminate greenhouse gas production but they can also significantly reduce operating costs for companies and households that adopt their technologies.

SG Eco products use alternative, and freely available, energy sources to minimize the electricity consumption of its customers. Skylights can help companies and households reduce their electricity usage for lighting during daylight hours by up to 95%, as an example.

For enquiries about our products, contact us at +63 (45) 499 1037 or fill in our contact form

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