Site: Philexcel Main Offices - Philexcel Business Park, CFZ, PHILIPPINES

Task: Reduce energy consumption.

Application: Offices, Hallways and Toilets.

Solution: 11 x 535mm Rigid98 Tube Kits, 16 x 457mm Rigid98 Tube Kits & 4 x 457mm Flexi-tube Kits.

Philexcel Main Office Skylighting  Philexcel Main Office Skylighting



Energy Consumption has been dramatically reduced. The Office now runs without the use of electrical lighting for the majority of working hours. The hallways and toilets now only use the electrical lighting at night time. 
“My staff and I are delighted with the result of our Sky Tunnels. The office has taken on a whole new ambiance with the effect of the free natural light pouring in. Our power bills are sure to drop and the Sky Tunnels will be paying for themselves in no time.” 
“I would recommend Sky Tunnel to anyone who is currently turning on electric lights during the day.”
Ian Packham - Philexcel General Manager

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