Sky Tunnel’s electric and manual skylight accessories provide a wide range of options to meet the needs of any situation.


commitmentA single flap damper system allowing full control of the amount of daylight entering the room. 3 buttons on the remote – OPEN, CLOSE & STOP give you the option of setting the exact amount of daylight you want.Details >>

Power Upgrade Kit - Exhaust Fan

management Designed for use in bathrooms, toilets etc. allowing for the extraction of air from the room through the Sky Tunnel tubular skylight system. Two buttons on the remote for the fan – ON & OFFDetails >>

Conversion Box

safety Convert a 343mm, 457mm or 535mm diameter Sky Tunnel tubular skylight into a Diffuser System specifically designed for a standard 600mm x 600mm (2′ x 2′) Grid Ceiling System.Details >>


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