Site: American Plaque Factory - Philexcel Business Park, CFZ, PHILIPPINES
Task: Improve the working environment for the Employees to improve productivity.
Application: Offices, Toilets, Factory, Carving Room, Painting Room, Packing Room & Storage Rooms.
Solution: 28 x 535mm Warehouse Kits, 25 x 535mm Rigid98 Tube Kits, 1 x 535mm Flexi-tube Kit 
& 3 x 457mm Flexi-tube Kits.
American Plaque Company Factory SkylightsResult: 
The Employees are very satisfied with the Daylighting
provided by the Sky Tunnel XLthat were installed.
There is no heat load on the building and no glare or
visual discomfort, creating a better work environment.
The owner of the company is also very pleased as 
not only has productivity improved, the quality of
work has also improved and the companys energy
use has reduced.

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