SG Eco Industries, Inc. manufactures Ceiling Frames, also known as “Ceiling Trims” or “Ceiling Surrounds” for a wide variety of applications, but predominantly used in Skylights. The ‘T’ bar used for the frame is an extruded Aluminum section, which is then Powder Coated in a Pearl White Finish. Each frame uses 8 x brackets (2 per corner). Frames can be made any size.

Pre-packed "Ready to Assemble" with 4 x lengths and 8 x brackets

Frames can be supplied fully assembled.

Pre-packed - "Cut to length" with 20 x lengths in a box.


Pre-packed - "Full Length" with 10 x 5.5m lengths in a box.

Pre-packed - "Bulk Brackets" with 400 x brackets in a box


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