The following testimonials are from some of our many satisfied clients.

  • "I was satisfied with the installation of my Sky Tunnel, The product is competitive. Overall quality and performance is outstanding."
    Fred Bryant United Kingdom
  • “Everyone has been great. I appreciate the prompt return of emails. The domes we order are of great quality and great customer service,Thank you!!”
    Solarise Inc. California, USA
  • “I am writing to express our satisfaction with our recently installed Sky Tunnel, which exceeded our expectations. It is an excellent product, which is discreet but very effective.”
    D.Slee Devon
  • “The builder fitted your 350mm Sky Tunnel this February and immediately we were able to see the benefit of the product. Now, two months later, I can shave without any artificial light on. The product demonstrates a simple but smart idea and we are very pleased with it.”
    J. Whittenbury Worcestershire
  • “We live in an old house, so to minimize the work in volume we fitted the 400mm Sky Tunnel, which would fit between the ceiling joists. The tube was very easy to fit and has brought light to a dark upstairs corridor. We are very pleased with the final result and the performance.”
    C. Peat Warwickshire
  • “May I say how very pleased I am with the Sky Tunnels which I have recently fitted to a very dark corner of my sitting room. Not only were they delivered in exceptionally quick time, they were relatively simple to install and do all that was claimed. Previously I have had to switch on an electric light if I wished to do anything in the ‘dark end’ of the room. Now I can easily see what I am reading, sewing, dusting or hovering. Not only are they saving my eyesight but also, hopefully, saving on the electricity bills !

    Your website was easy to find, simple to use, and very informative. I especially liked the short video. All in all, I am currently very well satisfied with Sky Tunnels.”

    B. Rogers Hampshire
  • “We recently purchased one of your Sky Tunnels. I have to say we are delighted with it. It has enabled us to use part of our landing to make a lovely dressing room.”
    M. Halpin Staffordshire
  • “We purchased two Sky Tunnels of 400mm dia. With internal lighting and trickle ventilation for a bathroom and en-suite. The end result is fantastic with excellent daylight coming into both rooms. The whole installation was carried out with no mess in a very short period of time and is very neat and professional looking. The domes on the roof are inconspicuous and have a very aesthetic appearance. The tubes in the loft space are also very neat and surprisingly take up very little space. Overall we are very happy with the product, the price and the installation. We would certainly recommend this product for bringing daylight into dark rooms.”
    P. Dunn Cheshire
  • “Our only regret is that we didn’t fit Sky Tunnel years ago. It completely transformed a dark dingy back hall into a light airy space without any mess and fitted in a morning – money well spent.”
    Dennis Bakes Northern Ireland
  • “I had a dark corridor in my bungalow and decided to fit a Sky Tunnel. The transformation was fantastic. The corridor was bright and full of light without the need for an electric light. The Sky Tunnel is a wonderful idea, thank you very much, I recommend it for any house which has dark areas.”
    Mel Gibson Oxon
  • “We have recently purchased two Sky Tunnels for our kitchen extension. We have been delighted by the natural light it has brought into what was a dark space. Instead of electric lights we have directed “directed daylight” and our house is “greener””
    Peter Thurgood Norfolk
  • “A Sky Tunnel was installed in the internal bathroom of my house some 2-3 months ago. I have to say I am delighted with it, it is so nice to have daylight in a room which used to be so dark. Unless it is a very dull day I can rely on daylight from early morning to dusk. Everyone who visits my house is amazed by the Sky Tunnel. I have no hesitation in recommending your product.”
    Jennifer Morley Essex
  • “I am writing to say how pleased we are following the installation of one of your ‘Sky Tunnels.’ This has transformed a very dark corridor into a light and pleasant area. We would certainly recommend it to anyone with a similar problem of a dark location lacking natural light in the house.”
    D. W. Harrison Surrey
  • “Just letting you know that we have just installed three 600mm Green‐vent Wind units in the roof and we are thrilled with the result. Room temperature has dropped dramatically. Instead of running our air conditioner on high all night, we can now run it on low, and all the rooms are cooler. The other big improvement is the house is ventilated so we do not have that sweaty smell in the bedrooms anymore particularly in the mornings. I can feel the hot air coming out of each unit on the roof, great success and so glad we invested in free air circulation. Many thanks for a great product."
    Chris de Largie Paranaque, Philippines
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