Optional Ventilation for Sky Tunnel

Think of those places in your home where you could not only use more natural light but an air vent too. Maybe the bathroom, ensuite or kitchen.

Now you can have the best of both worlds with Sky Tunnel Easy Change Vent System incorporated into the Breather Frame.

The vented Sky Tunnel allows steam or hot stale air to escape freely. The Easy Change Vent System helps you control the natural ventilation in your living areas, as the season change.

If more substantial venting is required we also have a powered vent option. Click here to view the page

Sky Tunnel Ventilation Tabs



Remove the two "Blank/Blank Tabs" installed in the high side of the Breather Frame. Move the "Blank/Vent & Vent/Blank Tabs" from the low side to the high side of the Breather Frame, and insert the two "Vent/Vent Tabs" into the low side. Your Sky Tunnel should look like the diagram shown below.

  • - Blank/Blank Tabs both used at the top
  • - Vent/Blank and Blank/Vent Tabs used at the bottom
  • - Vent/Vent Tabs not used
  • - Vent/Blank and Blank/Vent Tabs used at the top
  • - Vent/Vent Tabs both used at the bottom
  • - Blank/Blank Tabs not used



If the Sky Tunnel is vented, place the additional magnets (supplied in screw kit) between the Ceiling Frame and the Diffuser Holder.

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