The Green-Vent Solar Attic Extraction Fan is an attic ventilation system that can be installed into commercial or residential rooves to remove the trapped heat between the ceiling and the roof. The temperature inside your roof/attic space can reach temperatures up to 70°C (170°F) during the summer months which creates a heat load on ceiling insulation and air conditioning duct work. Green-Vent Solar utilizes the renewable energy source, the sun, meaning it costs you nothing to quietly exhaust the hot air and help reduce the cooling costs of your building.

During the winter months any moisture laden air trapped inside your roof/attic space can condense in the cooler temperatures, resulting in the growth of mold and mildew. Circulating clean fresh air will reduce the occurrence of this and prolong the life of your roof.

Summer Months

  1. Heat transfers through your roof and into your attic space, increasing the temperature.
  2. The Green-vent Solar Attic Extraction Fans photovoltaic solar panel converts sunlight energy into electrical energy.
  3. The electrical energy drives a motor that spins a fan blade, which in turns exhausts the heat from your attic.

Winter Months

  1. Heat trapped inside your attic space can melt the snow accumulated on the roof of your home. As the water drips down, it refreezes at the cooler eaves, leading to ice-dams forming along the lower edge of the roof. These dams allow water penetration into the roof causing severe damage
  2. Even during winter months, the Green-vent Solar Attic Extraction Fans photovoltaic solar panel can convert sunlight energy into electrical energy.
  3. The electrical energy drives a motor that spins a fan blade, which in turns exhausts the moisture laden air from your attic and preventing mold & mildew build up, as well helping prevent any ice damming.

How Many Fans Do I Need?
The amount of ventilation an attic needs is determined by many factors, but in general the more the ventilation your attic has, the better off you will be. As attic air turnover is increased and fresh make-up air is brought into the attic, the attic temperature will begin to approach that of the ambient outside air temperature, which in turn minimizes heat transfer into your home. As long as your attic has plenty of fresh air make-up ventilation, more airflow through the attic will only increase the cooling performance of your attic fan.

You can use our Solar Attic Fan Calculator to know the minimum number of fans required for your home.


  • Fully adjustable solar panel – tilts and rotates.
  • Improved solar panel design.
  • High output motor.
  • High performace lightweight fan blade.
  • Guaranteed performance – no wind required.
  • Optional Thermostat included.
  • Quick and easy installation – 30 minutes or less.
  • Flashing designed to fit any roof type.
  • Extremely quiet operation.


Solar Powered Roof Extraction Fan

Residential Solar Powered Roof Extraction Fan

Here's an example of actual installations of our Solar Powered Roof Extraction Fan on residential property.  

Product Specification

  Green-vent Solar 15W Green-vent Solar 30W
Solar Panel 15 Watts - 36 Cell Polycrystaline 30 Watts Polycrystaline
Throat Size 300mm 350mm
Motor 38V DC Motor
Shroud UV Stabilized Thermoplastic
Flashing 0.55mm (35 Gage) Pressed Steel
Environment Control System Optional Included as Standard


Environment Control System (Optional)

The ECS is an automated system for running the fan when the environmental conditions demand it. If the temperature or humidity in the attic space is too high the fan will operate. Once conditions return to lower levels, the fan will stop running. When running on mains power the fan will run for 8 minutes every half hour.

The settings of the ECS as as follows:

  • Temperature Control: Turns fan ON at 27°C & OFF at 25°C.
  • Humidity Control: Turns fan ON at 75%RH & OFF at 65%RH.


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