Site: Toyota Motor Corporation Philippines, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna, PHILIPPINES.

Application: Press Shop - Production Area.

Solution: 65 x 535mm Rigid98 Commercial Tube Kits.

Task: Reduce energy consumption. 
Toyota Motors Press Shop Production Area Skylights
  Toyota Motors Press Shop Production Area Skylights
Despite already having fibreglass sheets installed in the 
roof & walls, Toyota Motor Corporation Philippines were
still having to use electric lighting on a daily basis. 
Since installing the Sky Tunnels there is no need to use
the electric lighting in daylight hours, thus majorly
reducing the energy usage in this part of the factory.
The management & enviromental control officers of
Toyota Philippines are very pleased with the result and
have indicated they will look at implementing Sky
Tunnels in other parts of the factory as their
Environmental Improvement Budget allows.

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