SG Eco Industries Inc is a distributor of 4 types of PMMA (Acrylic) diffuser material.

All four types are suitable for use as light diffusers in skylights, and we have been using the same grade material for over 10 years.

We can supply full sheets (stock size = 2150mm × 1240mm) or cut to size panels. As we use a CNC router to cut the panels, the shape is only limited by your imagination.

For ventilated skylights the panels can have some slots cut inside.


4 Type of PMMA (Acrylic) Diffuser Material

Clear Prismatic P12
(3.0mm thick)
Clear Prismatic P15
(4.5mm thick)
Clear Seadrift
(3.00mm thick)
Opal Flat Sheet
(3.0mm thick)



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