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News Releases

News Releases (11)

Tuesday, 04 June 2019 02:41

Worldbex 2019

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Worldbex 2019 had it's largest participation in the 24 years the exhibition has been running.

It was our 11th time exhibiting at Worldbex, the 9th time we have as SG Eco Industries.

Once again it was a great success, with plenty of opportunities arising from the exhibition. Our display was a little different this year, as our booth was constructed with a steel frame housing structure. This allowed us to do actual installations of our products.

We will be back exhibiting next year at Worldbex 2020. We hope to see you there!

Green Vent Solar Attic Fan featured in South East Asia Building Magazine Jan - Feb issue

The January to February issue of South East Asia Building Magazine featured SG Eco Industries showcasing its new product, the 30 watt Green-vent Solar (GVS) attic extraction fan with its unique Environment Control System which causes the GVS to be activated by either Thermostat or Humidistat control. The magazine Show Preview section, presented in advance some notable company products that will be shown at the 19th World Building and Construction Exposition (WORLDBEX) 2014. Read the online version of Showroom Preview section, Page 96, of South East Asia Building Magazine.

Thursday, 13 February 2014 03:24

Unilever Installs Sky Tunnel XL2 Natural Solar Lighting

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The supplier of the WORLD FAMOUS Lipton Tea Unilever has gone “Green” in their new production unit in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai. Unilever have installed Sky Tunnel XL2 Solar Lighting to both offices and the machinery hall to enhance the working conditions and to improve productivity. “This is the first step in our new energy conservation policy” stated by Mr. Andy Erena, Project Manager. “We're very satisfied with the performance and will consider further areas to be lit naturally by direct solar lighting”. Sky Tunnel XL2 Solar Lighting installations are becoming more popular in the Arabian Gulf region as clients begin to realize the benefits of this day lighting system. On checking the lighting levels these are equal or better than artificial lighting levels and the satisfaction of the occupants is greater. Many types of artificial lighting have been known to cause headaches and fatigue SKY TUNNEL XL2 Natural Solar Lighting overcomes these health hazards. Supplied & Installed by United Arab Emirates Sky Tunnel's Distributor - Green Energy Solutions.

Unilever Production ARea installed with Sky Tunnel Unilever Office installed with Sky TunnelUnilever Office in Dubai Installed with Sky Tunnel
Thursday, 13 February 2014 03:19

SG Eco Industries at NORTH BuilDEX

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Catch SG Eco Industries and it's Central Luzon distributor VALCON Enterprises at the first ever Northern Building Expo (NORTH BuilDEX) at Baguio Convention Center from November 20-22, 2013. NORTH BuilDEX is the largest gathering of Construction Suppliers in the North Luzon with the expo theme "Raising Professional Standards ans Sustainability". See you there!

Thursday, 13 February 2014 03:17

SG Eco trained new ISO Internal Auditors

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SG Eco Industries has confirmed its commitment to implementing international standards by training new internal auditors. The extensive training course was attended by 13 employees and hosted internally at SG Eco office by Ms. Raquel J. Aranilla, a qualified lead consultant trainer from Global Competitiveness Consultancy & Training Inc. The training is part of the company’s compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certifications acquired last 2011. The Integrated Management System auditor training provides understanding and skills that will enable attendees to perform internal audits of an Integrated Management System to identify both compliance with the relevant standards and potentials for performance improvement. The training covers principles, processes and activities of conducting integrated audits of quality and environmental management and application to organization management systems.

ISO Internal Auditors Certificate

Sky Tunnel Skylights & Green Vent ventilation products will be featured on Abs-Cbn TV Patrol Pampanga Channel 46 today. Telecast at 5:15pm, June 11, 2013. Please watch!

Thursday, 13 February 2014 03:12

Recyclables Collection Event 2013 by CDC was joined by SG Eco

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SG Eco Industries Inc. joined the “Recyclables Collection Event 2013” as part of Philippine Environment Month celebration on June 14, 2013. In preparation for this event, SG Eco collected empty ink cartridges, broken appliances and used batteries. The Clark Development Corporation (CDC) through its Environmental Management Department (EMD) together with the Environmental Practitioners Association (EPA) in coordination with the DENR Environmental Management Bureau Region III, held the event for Clark locators and residences at CDC-EMD Office, E. Aguinaldo corner CP Garcia Streets, Clark Freeport Zone. Recyclers and scrap buyers are Ink Line Trading for cartridges, Oriental and Motolite Corp. for used batteries, Semi-recycling Co. Inc for metal, electronic and plastic scrap and Dolomatrix Phils. for treatment of busted light.

Recycling Event joined by SG Eco
Thursday, 13 February 2014 03:10

SG Eco Industries at WORLDBEX 2013

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SG Eco Industries participated in the 18th Philippine World Building and Construction Exposition (WORLDBEX) last March 13-17, 2013 at World Trade Center Manila.

WORLDBEX or the Philippine Building and Construction Exposition is dubbed as the Asia's biggest and most attended construction exposition for local and international building and construction industry with recorded 150,000 visitor per year. Now on its 18th year, the expo theme is “On Solid Ground”. SG Eco WORLDBEX Event Information Booth: Foreign Pavilion (Australia). Booth number 1022 and 1023. See SG Eco booth map here Venue: World Trade Center, Pasay City, Metro Manila Philippines Date: March 13 – 17, 2012 Time: 10am to 8pm For detailed information about WORLDBEX, please visit: http://www.worldbex.com/Event/Worldbex

SG Eco at WORLDBEX 2013 
SG Eco Booth at WorldBex 2013
Thursday, 13 February 2014 03:06

Spectacular Ingenuity from Eco Friendly Family

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During the annual Christmas party, aside from the usual gift Giving, SG Eco comes up with the idea of showcasing company’s environmental commitment to creation of a project that will reflect Christmas. The eco friendly inspiration of recycling scrap materials from production to Christmas ornaments was dubbed as “Spectacular Ingenuity from Eco Friendly Family”. Three Christmas ornaments were presented to demonstrate employees’ talent in creativity, artistry and uniqueness.

SG Eco Scrap Metal Recycling Christmas Ornaments
Snow village (top image), Christmas Belen (lower left) and Nativity (lower right)

Snow village, Christmas Belen and Nativity became the ornaments theme. Snow village was made of saw dust from diffuser scattered all over the village as snow, houses are made of luminous diffuser off cuts with light installation inside which will glow and miro off cuts for playground accessories and roofs.

The Christmas Belen is made of different scrap material such as rivet pins for the roof, flexi tube and aluminum cone rejects for Christmas tree, thin aluminum off cuts for green vent wind and angel, metal off cuts for hatchways, diffuser off cuts for the house and text greetings, Santa’s Harley is a combination of bearing rejects and rivet pins and miro off cuts for the personas with light installation.

For Nativity, the frame is made of aluminum off cuts, zinc alum, color bond and aluminum combination for backboard, diffuser with colored paper waste for personas, and sheet metal craps for 3 kings’ gifts (Green Vent wind, Sky Tunnel and Whirlwind).

Thursday, 13 February 2014 03:02

SG Eco sponsored Zero Carbon Resorts Project

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SG Eco collaborated with the Zero Carbon Resorts (ZCR) project last May 2012. ZCR through a progressive approach to the tourism industry in Palawan educates the industry operators in being energy efficient, in a sustainable and competitive way. The Replace Phase Conference, which was the title of the convention tackles replacing old technologies with more energy efficient ones. Fossil based technology is pursued and replaced by the green technology which is more sustainable and utilizes renewable energy.

SG Eco's environmental mission in utilizing renewable energy and consumption reduction coincides with Zero Carbon Resorts objective to reduce the carbon footprint of resorts and hotels. It is reflected in the products manufactured by the company which use natural energy to operate. Sky Tunnel tubular skylights use passive solar,the Green Vent Solar attic extraction fan uses solar panels and the Green Vent Wind, wind driven ventilator uses wind.

Read the full story from Zero Carbon Resorts News and Updates

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