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Monday, 02 February 2015 02:50

Questions to Consider Before Installing Skylights in Your House or Workspace

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Skylights are considered to be one of the most reliable energy-saving devices utilizing the renewable energy of the sun in order to provide natural lighting inside an office or home.

With proper installation and positioning, this lighting device can allow up to five times more light than a regular window thereby improving the occupants’ utility of the interior space in a comfort in a highly cost-effective way.

Skylights can also enhance the curb value and aesthetic appeal of your property as well as contribute to reducing the Carbon Footprint that produces.

So if you want to enjoy the benefits it offers, here are some fundamental questions that you need to consider before installing skylights.


Are Skylights Applicable to any Size of House?

Skylights can be installed in any room of a house (single or multi-storey) as long as there is suitable access and sufficient ventilation as condensation can occur as it conveys light energy into the building.


What is Your Roof Framing at Home?

Before installing skylights, you should determine the kind of roof frame you have in your house.  Basically, skylights can be installed on these two commonly used roof framing system- conventional and truss roof frame.

Larger size skylights can be installed on a conventional roof frame while truss roof frames usually require smaller skylights which can accommodate a maximum truss center of 2 feet.


Where is the Best Place for Your Skylights?

The best place to position your skylights should always be clear of any obstructions such as electrical wires, water heater pipes, heat and A/C ducts or anything that might serve as structural obstacle.   

If you have a limited roof space, you can re-route the pipes or cable wires to clear out the space that you need in order to install them.


Does the interior colour scheme of your space affect the performance of Skylights?

Yes it does. Lighter, brighter colors will tend to reflect daylight around the room while dark colors will tend to absorb it.  The best solution for this is to adjust the size or quantity of skylights to provide sufficient lighting inside your house.


Let the Experts Help You!

Do you need help in finding the most suitable skylights for your home? We provide Sky Tunnel Tubular Skylight that is designed to convey light with greater efficiency, security and ease than a conventional skylight design. If you want to get the job most efficiently, we can also install your Skylighting system for you and no job is too big or too small.

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